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Forget ‘ransomware.’ Call it a ‘multi-stage extortion campaign’

Changing the name, argues an analyst, will force CISOs to treat the attack more widely. Read why

Diffie tells security pros: Prepare for the quantum computing era

A revered cryptography pioneer has warned that anyone involved in securing systems must take quantum computing seriously, for it is not going to fade...

Most business continuity plans are ‘wildly out of date’, SecTor conference told

The problem: Few IT teams track the dependencies one application has on another. The solution: Create a new plan

Sixty-seven per cent of Canadian firms surveyed were hit by ransomware in last 12 months

At this week's SecTor conference an early look at a survey done for Telus also shows many firms were hit more than once

SecTor 2021: To blunt attacks by advanced threat actors you need an updated incident response plan

The recent SolarWinds supply chain attack and the Microsoft Exchange zero-day attacks show the need for holding event data longer for post-incident analysis

SecTor 2020: Measuring the importance of metrics

Metrics make infosec teams work smarter, an expert told the conference -- and they can also help get more resources

SecTor 2020: Don’t point a finger too fast after a hack, says expert

'Ask what is responsible, not who.' when there's a cyber incident says one expert. Read why

SecTor 2020: The blonde, the smile, and the hack

How thinking like a hacker allows organizations to design successful cybersecurity strategies

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