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Twitter Tips: Tracking your retweets

A retweet can increase the pervasiveness of your message across Twitter, while attracting new followers who might be captivated enough by the tweet or link that you shared. While it's hard enough to write a compelling tweet, it's another thing to measure how well it fared in a retweet

Seek – intelligently – and ye shall find

A recent study finds knowledge workers spend more than twice as much time re-creating content as they spend creating new content. Without effective companywide search techniques, users end up wasting time as they hunt across multiple systems for a piece of information.

chairman, Microsoft Corp.

Microsoft Corp. Chairman Bill Gates yesterday outlined a vision of companies being able to share information more effectively, both internally and with suppliers, by using present and future collaborative software.

Yahoo desktop search reaches beyond the PC

Yahoo Inc. is expected to launch on Wednesday the first upgrade to its desktop search tool, adding the ability to index data from Yahoo's instant messenger archives stored on users' PCs and from users' address books residing on Yahoo's servers.

Verity to acquire Inktomi’s search business

Search and knowledge management infrastructure vendor Verity Inc. on Wednesday announced plans to acquire Inktomi Corp.'s enterprise search software business for US$25 million in cash.

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