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Google unveils new AI search capabilities as rivalry with Microsoft intensifies and Bard spews its first nonsense

Today, Google unveiled several new search capabilities and a demo of its AI chatbot, known as Bard, a day after Microsoft announced plans to...

Ad-free search platform launches in Canada

Search engine Neeva launches today in Canada to provide users with a tracking-free and ad-free alternative to search platform Google. Following its launch in the...

Municipalities’ chance of attack ‘critically high,’ MISA delegates told

If a group of IT security experts from Ontario municipalities left a recent meeting A: worried, B: feeling vulnerable C: discouraged or D: all...

RightsCon Report: Few on panel support right to be forgotten

Obliging search engines to decide if content should be de-indexed is akin to lying to those doing Internet searches, some argue. Read why

Hashtag Trending – Google pays to stay on top, video buffering may be over

Google is paying Apple to stay the top search engine, the world’s largest data centre will be built in the Arctic Circle, and researchers may have a way to stop video buffering.

Breaking up Google is not what we want: EU lawmakers

EU motion is non-binding and doesn't mention Google

Think your corporate search engine is big? Look at the NSA’s

Called ICREACH, it can handle two to five billion new records every day, including more than 30 different kinds of metadata

Baidu criticized for fraudulent keyword advertising

China's state-run TV network reported Baidu's ad platform can be abused. The news reports, however, may just be the latest sign Chinese authorities want to better regulate the search company given its near monopoly over the country's market

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