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SAP talks supply chain, culture, sustainability at Sapphire Now

While there were product announcements at SAP's annual conference, Sapphire Now, two major focuses were sustainability and supply chains, and the people and business processes operating behind the scenes.

SAP Leonardo reinvents the digital innovation system

No single technology can fully deliver what a business needs to digitally transform, but SAP’s latest solution is hoping to bring together several software capabilities to assist its customers on their digital journey.

Sapphire Now 16: SAP hones in on the cloud, mobile and digital transformation

At the Orlando event, City of Toronto's enterprise solutions director notes SAP is moving in the right direction when it comes to enabling digital transformation processes

SAP sells new ‘customer empathy’ approach, unveils real-time, cloud-based IT updates

At its SapphireNow event, SAP's Bill McDermott announced a new customer assurance pledge, a new Microsoft partnership, and updates to its HANA relational database management platform

The scenes and stories from SAP’s Sapphire Now 2015

The company doubled down on the Internet of Things and the opportunity it could mean for its cloud-based HANA offering. A guided tour of the highlights

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