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After verdict, debate rages in Terry Childs case

The guilty verdict in the case of Terry Childs, a former network administrator for the city of San Francisco who was charged with locking up a key city network for days in 2008, is evoking mixed responses within the industry. Some insist he was punished for doing his job, others disagree.

San Francisco network admin found guilty

Terry Childs was found guilty of denying computer services and faces up to five years in prison. A former administrator for the City of San Francisco, he refused to hand over passwords to city officials two years ago.

Fate of network admin Terry Childs now in jury’s hands

The former network administrator for the City of San Francisco refused to disclose administrative passwords to city officials in July, 2008. He was charged with violating hacking laws but his lawyer argued he did not believe all staff members were authorized to have the passwords.

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