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Virtual network operator promises real benefits

Vanco plc owns no telecom assets of its own. Yet last week, at New York's Rockerfeller, the U.K.-based virtual network operator unveiled what it calls "the world's largest network, delivering the most competitive prices." Joaquim P. Menezes, IT World Canada's online editor reports.

CarrierChoice Provides

For smaller businesses, choosing a telecommunications carrier from the vast assortment of offerings...

Time Warner and EMI Group make concessions to EU

In the continuing effort to salvage its merger deal, EMI Group PLC and Time Warner Inc. have...

Vendors bolster B2B app integration

As participants in Internet trading exchanges find that they need application integration as well as exchange-to-exchange links, EAI (enterprise application integration) and e-business integration providers such as Tibco Software Inc., Vitria Technology Inc., and ObjectSpace Inc. are responding.

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