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Able to launch denial of service attacks, capture names and passwords and steal the contents of vital documents, botnets have been dubbed the Swiss Army knife of crime on the internet. Not only are they a growing menace, but they are also becoming more sophisticated. This article will help you better know your enemy.

The botnet menace

It's imperative that enterprises and consumers become aware of the acute and growing threats posed by botnets, and take decisive and effective steps to counter them before it's too late.

Symantec India to identify products for global market

Symantec Corp.'s product development center in Pune, India, has been assigned to identify new products for the company's markets worldwide, according to an executive of the company.

Study: Australia leads Asia in Linux uptake

The uptake of Linux in the Australian enterprise continues at pace and is well ahead of Asian nations, according to figures from Gartner Inc.

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