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Harvard takes IBM’s Blue Gene to heart

IBM on Thursday announced that Harvard University is using an IBM Blue Gene supercomputer, which holds the title as the fastest supercomputer in the world, to support research into the human heart and circulatory system.

Stratus expands fault-tolerant server options

Stratus Technologies Inc. next week is expected to improve its line of fault-tolerant, Intel-based servers with the introduction of two boxes designed to give customers higher processing power at lower prices.

IBM establishes supercomputer centre

Trying to take its On Demand computing initiative to a new frontier, IBM Corp. on Tuesday is announcing the opening of a facility for delivering supercomputing-class processing power to developers over the Internet, which is intended to eliminate the exorbitant costs of owning such a system.

Weird and woeful predictions made at conference

The good news: by 2010, computers should match the human brain in

Unisys readies 32-processor mainframe

Unisys Corp. on Monday will begin shipping two new mainframe systems, the company said on Thursday.

Canadian security conference features weird and woeful predictions

The good news: by 2010, computers should match the human brain in processing power. The bad news: by decade

UPDATE: EMC unveils biggest midrange storage server yet

EMC Corp. put the mid-market squarely in its sights Monday when it introduced its largest midrange server to date.

Sun offers peek at its portal play

Sun Microsystems Inc. and emerging Web services outfit Altio Inc. today revealed details of a partnership to further develop a presentation-layer platform architecture that combines both Java and XML (Extensible Markup Language).

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