Articles Related to privacy laws

The critical role of a Privacy Officer: why you may need one soon

Any business that is processing personal or sensitive information should appoint a Privacy Officer to oversee compliance obligations, and protect the interests of their data subjects.

Data privacy in translation: how Canada’s language industry will respond to CPPA

Any company offering translation technologies and services working with people in Canada should take heed of what this law is all about.

Tired from GDPR? Get ready — next is the ePrivacy Regulation

The proposed regulation for those collecting data from residents in EU countries covers everything from email messages to IoT devices. Read why it could be of concern

DocuSign invests in Canada with new Microsoft Azure partnership

Canada has some of the strictest data privacy regulations on the planet, which can make it difficult for companies offering cloud or digital services to operate in the country.

New online survey platform complies with Canadian privacy laws

Canadian enterprises now have a secure option for hosting online surveys that meet government privacy regulations.

How B.C. district officials bugged their mayor’s computer

Privacy commissioner's report reveals the spyware was installed on mayor's machine over concerns of district directors that the mayor would discover security flaws of the district’s IT infrastructure

Privacy commissioners issue guidance on police body cams

Body cameras record metadata and personal information that can be connected to an identifiable individual

Should Obama go through your Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts?

While politicians and law catch up to the reality of current IT abilities, IT should offer opinions as the knowledgeable professionals in this area

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