Articles Related to Porter Airlines

How AI is disrupting compensation claims when your flight gets disrupted

Processing complaints is time-consuming and when done poorly, can hurt customer relations. An Indian software company has an AI-powered solution that might help.

Porter Airlines: Using the cloud to help customers soar through them

A 2015 study by PWC found the airline industry had an average profit of $6 per passenger – and that was a very good...

First AWS Canada region customers will be SaaS providers

Cloud software providers relying on AWS for infrastructure are keen to provide Canadian hosting to customers, but some longtime AWS customers are content to remain in U.S. regions.

Complex legacy systems leave airlines ripe for security turbulence

While cyber threats are the sexy cause causes of disruption, older systems that lack redundancy can leaf to costly downtime

How Porter Airlines bypasses the public Internet to connect with mission-critical partners

Console platform simplifies historically complex configurations so enterprises can easily connect to cloud providers and other partners

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