Articles Related to phone network

Bank of America to deploy 180,000 IP phones

Bank of America Corp. this week announced plans for a corporate-wide IP telephony rollout that will eventually put an IP phone on every BoA employee

Grand plans at Grand Central

Halsey Minor, founder and CEO of Web services integrator Grand Central Communications Inc., thinks they have it all wrong. The big vendors, he said, are intent on pushing application intelligence to the edges of the network while keeping the centre

Siemens unveils remote VoIP gear

Taking aim at enterprise voice-over-IP leaders Cisco Systems Inc. and 3Com Corp., Siemens AG last week unveiled several enterprise IP voice products aimed at helping traditional PBX users migrate to converged networks.

StarVox touts VoIP VPN platform

StarVox Inc., a three year-old company that started life making gear to extend PBX functions to remote sites, is focused now on bringing voice over IP to public phone networks.

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