Articles Related to phishing

More malicious attachments found by researchers

Fortinet researchers describe two malicious attachments they found recently

Business email compromise scams getting more sophisticated: Report

In the first half of this year 84 per cent of BEC messages detected by Trustwave came from free webmail addresses.

Hundreds of executives are falling for Microsoft 365 phishing attacks: Report

Attacks, which get around MFA protection, use an adversary-in-the-middle phishing kit, says Proofpoint

Employees still too gullible, falling for phishing lures: Report

Nearly 65 per cent of respondents said their organization had experienced data loss last year because of an insider.

Gift card lure was alluring to many in phishing test

Seven per cent of employees clicked on a phishing lure; three per cent of them entererd their credentials in the latest version of the test

Twilio attack shows weaknesses in multifactor authentication systems

Okta admits a small number of SMS-based 2FA codes may have been seen by the attacker, while Twilio acknowledges some Authy MFA accounts were compromised to add smartphones run by the attacker

Cisco report on MFA hack backs up Black Hat conference presentation

On the same day as a Black Hat conference speaker talked about the vulnerabilities of phishable MFA, Cisco Systems admitted an employee fell for an MFA phishing scam

Twilio employees fell for phishing texts claiming to be from IT department

Messages claimed employees' credentials had expired, asked them to click on link

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