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Hashtag Trending – Oscars buzz; Mobile World Congress begins; Trump’s 6G tweet

Something happened at the Oscars that everyone is talking about (I just don’t know what), Mobile World Congress is in full swing in Barcelona,...

Top 10 movies for IT professionals and tech geeks

For centuries, humans have developed tools to make life easier and more enjoyable. With the advent of technology, our ingenuity has evolved faster than...

Hashtag Trending – U.S. commits to extradite Meng Wanzhou, Luis Vuitton’s $1,000 earbuds, Oscars VFX nominees

The United States says it plans to go through with extraditing Huawei’s chief financial officer; a fashion icon wants to sell you overpriced headphones; and we now know what films are in contention for the Oscars - including the visual effects category.

And the Oscar for best IT spoof goes to…

Technology has become one of the dominant forces shaping our culture, but what if our society was so obsessed with IT that all of our most critically-acclaimed movies were directly influenced by computers, software, and algorithms? The staff at IT World Canda is looking at the Oscar nominees for 2017 and imagining what it might be like if these movies were made in that alternate reality.

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