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The critical role of a Privacy Officer: why you may need one soon

Any business that is processing personal or sensitive information should appoint a Privacy Officer to oversee compliance obligations, and protect the interests of their data subjects.

Can Huawei’s AppGallery really replace Google’s Play Store? I spend a week with Huawei’s Google-less phone

Hardware in Huawei's Mate 30 Pro is great - its AppGallery that tries to replace Google? Not so much

It’s not too late to build a Canadian advantage in technology

Once again, Canada seems to see its future as a branch-plant economy. This time it is in the digital world, where we are turning...

Workshops for women in technology are failing women

It's time for women in tech panels to stop talking about soft skills and self-empowerment and start seriously trying to solve the inequality problem the industry faces.

Manufacturers risk going out of business for failing to adopt technology

In promoting Canada’s tech sector, governments spend a great deal of innovation money and effort boosting the suppliers of new technologies, with a big...

Google Duplex broke the Turing test and leaps across the uncanny valley

Good thing that some top minds are talking AI ethics, because Google Duplex just beat the Turing test.

Scaling skills holding back start-ups

OPINION BlackBerry founder Mike Lazaridis is passionate about building up Canadian tech companies, which is why in September 2015  he gave Wilfrid Laurier University’s business...

Is Canada selling out its AI future?

Are we simply creating talent to develop intellectual property to be exploited elsewhere and launching startup companies as seed corn for Big Tech?

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