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What happened with CentOS will not happen with Rocky Linux: Kurtzer

Gregory Kurtzer, who founded and once led the former open-source project CentOS Linux as well as The cAos Foundation, the organization where early development...

Malicious modules found in NPM library were downloaded thousands of times

Researchers at ReversingLabs warn of what they call a co-ordinated supply chain attack

It could take years for applications using vulnerable version of Java log4j library to be patched, says expert

IT admins urged to take vulnerability seriously as vendors rush to issue patches or mitigations

Enhancing your career through open source software

Bringing open source software skills to the enterprise can result in value by providing access to a wider swath of talent, more tools to solve business problems, and cost savings.

Adobe pushes RIAs with AIR 1.0, Flex Builder 3

The company announces the production versions for tools that assist in the creation of rich Internet applications along with two open source projects. A Toronto developer wonders if it's enough

Is open source bad for your career?

A SAP exec suggests developing non-proprietary software may eventually put some ISVs out of a job. Canadian Linux users respond to a controversial hypothesis

IT Infusion Inc.

A site best known for hosting projects is now opening up a repository of service listings for consultants and vendors that specialize in non-proprietary applications. Can it beat traditional referrals?

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