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Technology is the tool of digital transformation, not the outcome: OnX event

Migrating to a multi-cloud environment that allows for agile method and DevOps approaches is difficult enough from a technology point of view, but it's...

Modernize apps and infrastructure, and the processes will follow

There is no question that virtualized cloud-native environments are the wave of the future for the modern enterprise. As digital services become core revenue-generators...

CIOs advise on how to build the business case for cloud

Participants at a recent CIO Roundtable hosted by ITWC share advice for helping business leaders see when the cloud is right -- and when it's not.

Canadian providers in new Cisco Intercloud

Company to expand its cloud offerings through partners to include IaaS, PaaS and others

Private IaaS in Canada: Modest but growing

Dedicated infrastructure as a service is a $170 million business. Read about the providers

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