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Payments Canada report says nearly 75% of all payments are digital, and online transfers surge

Debit and credit card use in Canada still reign supreme, Payments Canada recently revealed in its annual Canadian Payment Methods and Trends report. Payments...

Canada’s payments modernization effort chugs towards ‘real time rail’ by end of 2019

Like other nation-wide rail infrastructure projects, the real-time rail promises to bring Canada into a new era of economic activity. But there is still a lot of work left to lay down the track and get locomotives running.

Visa Direct payments service expanded in Canada

Visa is working with a partner to allow for direct payments to its debit cardholders, providing relief from cheque-based processes.

Square launches new contactless payment and chip reader in Canada

Canadian businesses will now have a faster, cheaper, and simpler way of implementing contactless payment systems.

Fitbit Ionic smart watch to launch new mobile payments service

The Royal Bank of Canada is named as a supporting bank for the launch of Fitbit Pay.

How popular are mobile payments in Canada, anyway?

We asked major players in Canada's financial industry to pinpoint mobile payments data as best they could and it shows that adoption has been tepid so far.

Is Bitcoin in your business’s future?

Is it finally time to consider if your enterprise will benefit from accepting Bitcoin?

NetSuite branches into billing and payment space with new cloud offerings

At its SuiteWorld conference, NetSuite announced a new billing cloud software product and updates to its OneWorld platform enabling more payments capabilities.

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