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Technicity GTA 2023: Cities cannot afford to stop innovating

It has been stated time and time again, but it deserves repeating: From a technology perspective, the impact of Covid-19 has had a lasting...

Municipalities’ chance of attack ‘critically high,’ MISA delegates told

If a group of IT security experts from Ontario municipalities left a recent meeting A: worried, B: feeling vulnerable C: discouraged or D: all...

At Chatham Kent, municipal workers helping to slay the phishing dragon

It was an initiative that most IT security professionals might consider, but ultimately shelve due to the complexity involved in setup alone: implement a...

MISA InfoSec conference focuses on the need for information sharing

The recent release of key recommendations from a group of cyber security experts will form the cornerstone of the Ontario government’s security policies and...

How to create an effective incident response plan

At the MISA Ontario 2021 conference a municipal IT security manager gave advice on building an IR plan

Think like hackers do, expert tells MISA Ontario InfoSec conference

Infosec pros at a municipal information security conference ate told to scan their systems for external vulnerabilities the way threat actors will

MISA Ontario 2020: Raise cyber awareness by targeted training, expert says

Stop 'slinging fear' among employees, says conference speaker. Instead, tailor awareness training.

Ransomware now stealing data, warns Ontario cybercop

The head of the Ontario Provincial Police's cybercrime investigation unit tells infosec pros what the force is seeing in ransomware

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