Articles Related to Long Term Evolution

Ericsson predicts 50 billion networked devices

At a speech at the Toronto Board of Trade, Ericsson Canada Inc. chief technology officer Dragan Nerandzic said in 20 years, everything with a microprocessor will be connected to a network. Wireless users will want video content, such as updates to weather or sports on their handheld cellular devices, he said, though they will not be watching movies

Watching the creative destruction of the mobile industry at MWC

The mobile device and infrastructure industries continued their familiar yet increasingly complex dance at last week's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona: Consumers and enterprises receive...

LTE wireless devices to come in all shapes and sizes

Volume shipments of LTE modems will start in the beginning of 2011. Manufacturers will include Samsung, ZTE and Huawei, which demonstrated modems at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Some will not work on 3G wireless networks

LTE wireless to launch 2015 or later: Analyst

A Frost & Sullivan analyst anticipates current voice and data wireless cellular networks in Canada will not convert to Long Term Evolution for at least another five years. But James Brehm says corporate training, telemedicine and e-readers will drive demand for fourth-generation wireless

Ericsson hires 900 Canadian Nortel workers

The US$1.13 billion acquisition of financially-troubled Nortel

Huawei still eyes developed markets from outside

The Shenzhen, China-based company has been hurt in the U.S. by suspicions that the company may hold ties with the Chinese military. But it grew last year to become the fourth-largest infrastructure provider, after Nokia Siemens Networks, Alcatel-Lucent and Ericsson.

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