Articles Related to Licensing

Swiss consumer electronics maker to embed BlackBerry security into IoT products thanks to new licensing deal

BlackBerry may have stopped manufacturing hardware products like mobile phones, but it’s far from taking a step back in the technology industry. Instead, the Canadian company has set its sights on cybersecurity and licensing out its brand name.

Software Audits: What you don’t know will hurt you

There are a few inevitabilities in life: death, taxes and, for those in IT and procurement, software audits. “The likelihood of a software vendor audit...

Software Inventory: You don’t know what you don’t know

Companies without a transparent view into their software inventory are spending billions on unused and duplicate software, a problem that has only become exacerbated...

The ABCs of Volume Licensing: Cutting through the acronym soup of Microsoft EAs, MPSAs and CSP agreements

Volume licensing can be a challenging discussion and difficult for organizations to navigate. The options depend on numerous factors. There are three options we...

Failing to understand licensing agreements comes with a cost

No organization can operate without licencing. Yet, many organizations don’t understand what licences they have or how they are used. Licencing is the fine...

CiRBA hones software licensing for clouds

Canadian company adds plug-in software licensing control to help organizations save money by tracking and placing virtual machines

HP upgrades SANs, management software

The company adds 10Gbit/sec. Ethernet option to its entry-level SAN. The new modular array is targeted at small- to medium-sized businesses

Protecode System 4 cuts false positives in code

The latest iteration of a tool that helps developers identify licensing obligations in open source code uses a new weighting technique. And it

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