Articles Related to IT support

Happy IT service desk staff keep Domtar’s diverse applications running

The sustainable pulp and paper company is the sum of many mergers and acquisitions which means it has many applications, but its EasyVista deployment has kept helpdesk staff and users happy

DevOps is maturing, but teams are plagued by alert fatigue and still lack information to solve problems

The state of on-call is getting better, according to the annual VictorOps survey, as automation tools are adopted, but it’s still a highly stressful gig

Surprise! Help desk satisfaction rates are better than you might think

The perception that IT fails to keep up with support requests isn’t true, according to a survey, and employees are getting better at solving their own problems

Beyond the Enterprise App Store: Leveraging Proactive, Secure and Automated IT Service Delivery

Learn how RES software can eliminate the burden of recurring, manual administration tasks.  

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