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Project Prospects: Three rules for good judgment

This 5-minute read provides guidance when the project manager is under pressure to quickly assess, judge, and decide. This is leadership-focused project management, second of a three-part discussion on the Basic Rules of Project Management.

Project prospects: Three rules for action

This is a 4-minute read, first of a three-part discussion on the Basic Rules of Project Management. You might be surprised that a management activity has rules, but they have been discovered; and I am not just parroting clichés like ‘make a plan’. They cover action, judgment and alignment.

HIS/EMR replacement: Peeling the onion early to avoid tears

People familiar working on projects will understand the analogy of peeling the layers of an onion. Typically, when used in reference to projects, this refers to additional details being uncovered that weren’t initially considered. The onion analogy is apt because newly uncovered details rarely yield pleasant surprises, they usually bring tears. An HIS/EMR replacement is a significantly complex project. The magnitude of change goes beyond a single onion, it is more like a bunch, or in some cases a field. But there are ways to minimize the tears. It begins with organizational decomposition.

5 qualities of a professional project manager (rather than a PM poser)

Reasonable project management makes an essential contribution to IT project success. Sadly, the reverse is also true. Absent, incompetent, or insufficient project management is...

How to tell a proper project manager from a Gantt chart jockey

Absent, incompetent, or insufficient project management is invariably a contributing factor to project failure. But how can you identify it in time?

Take the ‘TripAdvisor’ approach to HIS/EMR replacement planning and read the reviews

Many people follow the stars, or equivalent, of services such as Yelp or TripAdvisor when planning to journey into the unknown. Organizations' approaches to HIS/EMR replacement projects or any technology projects should not differ. The trick is to build it into the overall plan to avoid it becoming a list of the inevitable.

Federal government encountered “unanticipated complexity” in rolling out payroll system

Intended to save money via a centralized operating model, the federal government is still having issues as it seeks to implement the Phoenix payment system for its more than 300,000 public servants

5 project killers for visual analytics

A discussion of the common landmines that project managers must defuse on the road to visual analytics success.

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