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Why software-defined AV-over-IP modernizes enterprise communications

AV-over-IP is the fastest growing technology in the IT industry with enterprise sectors including corporate, education and government being the largest deployer of the technology - and it has no plans of slowing down.

Wi-Fi traffic to overrun wired traffic in four years: Cisco

Service providers need to focus on authentication and security for coming deluge of mobile devices and M2M connections, says Cisco

Oracle to acquire Acme Packet

Oracle intends to leverage Acme

Networked devices vulnerable due to UPnP flaws

Vulnerabilities in the plug and play protocol can allow attackers to remotely control devices such as IP cameras, routers, printers and smart TVs, according to security researchers

Allstream lets customers buy infrastructure-as-a-service

The new Cloud Compute service gives customers the ability to buy CPU cycles, RAM and storage along with network services

Cisco upgrades industrial Ethernet switches

New switches said to provide consistent network services between industrial environments and enterprise business applications

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