Articles Related to Internet Providers

Independent wireless, Internet providers grow market share: CRTC

New entrants manage to grow market share despite dominance of Canada's Big Three

CRTC rules in favour of Internet providers

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission ruled that telecommunications carriers and cable providers must provide wholesale services to independent ISPs at the same speeds at which they provide service to their retail customers. They are allowed to mark the prices up 10 per cent.

Ottawa finally announces anti-malware legislation

Canadian-based offenders could face fines of up to $10 million. However, an industry analyst doubts the law on its own will have much effect on most people's inboxes

ISPs want user-generated content in broadcasting definition

As the CRTC asks for input on new media broadcasting, the Canadian Association of Internet Providers say the exclusion of UGC is "a fundamental error." How UGC, levies to compensate commercial artists and the threat of a net that's not neutral are intertwined in the debate

IDC: ISP peer-to-peer fears are a boogeyman

A Canadian industry analyst says network service providers may be overreacting to the threat of file sharing applications and their impact on bandwidth. Why Verizon may have the right approach

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