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How to create a hybrid cloud computing strategy

Here are a few tips to ensure your cloud infrastructure delivers the greatest possible value

Sharpening your virtualization vision Part 2

Virtualization is one of the most talked about concepts in IT these days. Last month, in part one of a two-part article, we talked about adoption trends for virtualization and its near- and long-term potential for the enterprise, based on the contents of a report from London, Ontario-based Info-Tech Research Group. This month we take a closer look at the impact of virtualization on small to mid-sized firms, and how the landscape for this technology will evolve over time.

Green IT: Marketing ploy or new tech?

Many users are finding it difficult to adopt a technology that is not characterized by a wide selection of physical products that they can buy and implement into their infrastructure today

CIO Study – Five priority areas for the CIO

Consider the agenda of a Chief Information Officer in a Canadian enterprise in 2006: they have watched as their nation

Chief Technology Officer, Centennial College, Toronto.

Fixing a dysfunctional telephone line has traditionally been as frustrating as trying to hear someone over a crackly, overseas connection. Technology introduced by Avaya Inc. this week aims at making that process as easy as dialing a number. Dubbed Avaya Remote Managed Services for IP Telephony, the software-based suite monitors interaction between voice and data IP applications on a firm

Cyberterror threat small but growing

The cyberthreat to the electricity we use and the water we drink is real, experts say, but there's no need to panic

IBM expands into Danish IT services market

Continuing its assault on the European IT outsourcing market, IBM Corp. has signed agreements to buy two Danish IT services companies and another to provide IT services to one of the country's largest banks.

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