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New tool helps Canadian higher education institutions navigate the global talent competition

Canadian international EdTech firm has developed a SaaS tool to help higher education Canadian institutes drive their student populations’ diversity forward.

Accenture announces $1.1 million grant to Acces Employment to develop AI bot for job seekers

Accenture this week announced a more than CA$1.1 million cash and in-kind services grant to the Canadian nonprofit organization Acces Employment to help it deliver more customized services to job seekers across the country through a new chatbot. 

How you can hire the tech professionals moving to Toronto

MOV North Hire is a new database full of tech talent looking to make the jump to Canada and work in the Toronto tech scene.

Toronto’s reputation for AI and beauty on display at Techstars Demo Day

A recent showcase of tech startups in Toronto demonstrates that the city can attract international talent.

Why you should move to Toronto from Silicon Valley

If you live in Silicon Valley, chances are Toronto isn't the first place you'd think of if you're looking to move. But according to MOVNorth, it should be.

Hashtag Trending – Tech execs react to DACA repeal, Google hiring in China

Tech executives speak out against Donald Trump’s move to end DACA, Google is hiring AI talent in China, and Lenovo fesses up to spyware.

Hashtag Trending – Facebook’s new TV platform, Google’s sexist engineer breaks his silence

Facebook’s launching its own television platform, the former Google engineer behind last week’s viral memo gives an interview, and Canada is officially the top destination for U.S. tech workers fleeing Trump.

Trump’s move on H-1B visas won’t hinder Canadian applicants

Trump's promised reforms to the H-1B visas are at hand. But it looks like it won't stop talented Canadians who want to head south from doing so.

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