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Add fighting cyber crime to ICANN’s work, urges Canadian Internet leader

A way to get countries to work together on fighting online crime suggested a conference of the Canadian Internet Governance Forum

New era in Internet governance starts as US cedes control of domain name system

ICANN now has full control over DNS functions in a bid to spread governance across many international stakeholders

US-CERT warns of domain name collision

Expansion of generic top level domain names means some organizations may be at risk

ICANN seeks help to crack down on Canuck firm’s use of ‘.sucks’ domain name

A Canadian company selling the new “.sucks” domain name has the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) worried that the domain name based on the word now popularly used to refer to incompetence, failure, anger, disillusionment or dissatisfaction, would be used to "shakedown" individuals and companies.

Dark Web, where cyber-criminals flourish, needs more monitoring: Report

The anonymous network that is the underbelly of the Web must get more attention, warns think tank

New Quebec Internet names coming

A Montreal company hopes to soon start selling use of the .quebec domain

Controversy over proposed ICANN voting hits Internet governance

Rule change would make it harder for board to ignore government recommendations. But a Canadian close to ICANN says that's not necessarily so

Conference moves independent Internet governance closer

Canadian at conference calls result "fairly significant"

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