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Understanding Cybersecurity on Smartphones (UCSph) Part 1

The smartphone is one of the most remarkable inventions in contemporary human history and is currently the most widely utilized electronic device globally. Its...

UK legislation could ban Apple iOS security updates

In a move that could have far-reaching implications for global data security and privacy, proposed amendments to the UK’s Investigatory Powers Act (IPA) have sparked significant controversy.

Hashtag Trending May 19- U.S. government use invasive AI to track refugees; OpenAI releases iOS ChatGPT app; Microsoft bets on nuclear fusion

Can an AI become sentient? As fantastic as it sounds, maybe it’s already happened. Skeptical. Me too. But when I read the conversation between...

Is a spy app collecting data from your phone?

Recent testimony to a Canadian federal government committee revealed that the RCMP has been using “on-device investigation tools” (ODITs), or spy apps, with judicial...

T-Mobile Accused Of Selling Customers’ App Usage Data

According to AdExchanger, T-Mobile has started selling its customers’ app usage data to third-party advertisers.

Canadian government launches new mental health support companion app

The Canadian government has launched PocketWell, a companion app to the Wellness Together Canada (WTC) online platform, to support mental health and combat substance...

Apple’s top 5 announcements at WWDC 2021

The five best features among a sea of announcements made at Apple's WWDC 2021 keynote.

Goodbye memories: Photos permanently deleted after Adobe Lightroom iOS and iPadOS update deletes users’ data

Some customers who installed the recent 5.4.0 version of Adobe Lightroom on iPhone and/or iPad have had their photos and presets permanently deleted, and the loss is unrecoverable for those without a backup. 

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