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Hashtag Trending Jun.7-Google’s Gmail allows scammers to pose as legitimate emails; Homeland Security turns to social media to find suspected terrorists and drug smugglers;...

Google’s Gmail allows scammers to pose as legitimate emails, Homeland security is looking into social media accounts to find suspected terrorists and drug smugglers,...

Should Obama go through your Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts?

While politicians and law catch up to the reality of current IT abilities, IT should offer opinions as the knowledgeable professionals in this area

TSA cracks down on mobile phones, devices

Travellers boarding direct flights to the U.S. may be required to power up mobile devices

Ontario’s privacy commissioner orchestrates voice biometrics integration

Ontario's privacy commissioner has played a role in match-making two emerging technologies. Combining encryption with voice biometrics shows promise for protecting privacy while also improving consumer services, said Ann Cavoukian, Information and Privacy Commissioner (IPC) of Ontario, in an announcement.

Disaster notification tools get a boost

In the aftermath of the Asian tsunami late last year and a rash of earthquakes off California's coast in June, businesses and governments are racing to roll out more-sophisticated electronic messaging systems to alert and guide people who face possible disaster.

U.S. officials: Information sharing key to security

The U.S. government is getting better at sharing information between various agencies tasked with protecting the nation against terrorism, but IT can help drive more improvements, two top-ranking antiterrorism officials said Monday.

Not all problems are IT-related, experts say

When Vance Hitch took over as CIO at the U.S. Department of Justice 18 months ago, he found a variety of applications running on different systems that were hampered by little or no integration.

Protection of critical systems still haphazard

Two years after terrorists killed 3,000 people, the government and the private sector are still struggling to define priorities for the security of the nation's critical infrastructure and to turn those priorities into real systems and programs.

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