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Canada lags U.S. in adopting help desk software as email, spreadsheets still prevail

The technology has seen double digit growth for nearly two decades, with many organizations using it as a means to improve competitive advantage through better customer service

Enhancing the help desk experience

Inordinately long wait times, multiple levels of attendants to wade through before reaching the right person, lack of expertise and no self-service options. These were...

IT talent crunch burdens Canadian CIOs: Report

It’s a good time to be in the Canadian IT sector job market these days, according to a recent survey conducted by technology hiring...

Replace that aging help desk

North American companies are beginning to replace their aging help desk operations with ones with a modern ITIL touch, according to an Enterprise Management Associates study. One vendor of IT service management tools said the evolution reflects IT

Help desk tops IT’s hottest jobs

IT professionals working on company help desks experienced the strongest growth in the job market, according to a Robert Half Technology report released on Thursday.

Stop the telephone ringing

Help desks need to be proactive, and eventually morph themselves into change-management centres,...

IT help desks find salvation in e-support

At one time, customers had little direct interaction with companies

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