Articles Related to hacker attacks

Hashtag Trending – Why airborne Wi-Fi isn’t free; New Zealand gov’t teaching entrepreneurship with video games; Russians have hacked U.S. utilities

The Wall Street Journal explains why you have to pay for Wi-Fi on your flight. The New Zealand government invests $150,000 into a video game that teaches players how to be an entrepreneur. And the Department of Homeland Security warns that Russian hackers have reached the control rooms of U.S. utility companies.

Reducing the risk of phishing attacks

Phishing has evolved into the most effective social engineering attack that hackers use to infiltrate organizations. The goal of phishing is to con employees...

How employees can be at risk from doxxing threats

Celebrities, alleged criminals and politicians have all been victims of this type of online harassment. Could your employees be next?

Company uses decoy systems to trap hackers

Fake computer systems designed to fool and trap attackers

Three charged in Gozi Trojan bank raids

NASA computers among 1 million machines infected by malware used to steal from bank accounts

Cisco rushing to fix broken VoIP patch

An initial patch for a vulnerability in Cisco

E-businesses Not Worried About Security, Says Study

Regardless of hacker attacks on other sites, executives and information systems and audit professionals are satisfied with the security of their e-commerce offerings, according to a recent study.

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