Articles Related to Google Next

Scotiabank’s ‘PLATO’ team shows its serious about technology-first approach with open source release

Scotiabank was making software news of its own at Google Next 2018, announcing a release of code to GitHub.

Diane Greene focuses on Google Cloud strengths as it plays catch-up

Google painted a picture of success at its Next keynote, but has it really gained ground compared to competitors?

Google Cloud Next: 5 new features for G Suite explained in GIFs

G Suite will now write your emails for you (or at least a portion of them) and allow users to determine where data is stored.

Google Cloud Next: Cloud Services Platform packages together a bevvy of APIs

Google Cloud Platform is getting more capabilities to make it easier to manage the environment and integrate it to a hybrid environment.

Google Cloud Next: Google’s AI is ready for businesses to train

Google is making it easier for businesses to train its most advanced AI algorithms on specific domain expertise.

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