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FTP app’s new interface simplifies, speeds up file transfer

Interarchy 8.2.2 adds several new features including a major interface change, universal support, S3 file-sharing support, HTTPS support, and about a dozen other minor enhancements.

Get your PC ready for everyday use

Tips and free programs that can make your computer run like new. If you break your brand-new PC in right, you can keep trouble at arm's length. During break-in, you'll set the system to standby or hibernate, schedule your back-ups and customize Windows's appearance to your specific taste. Of course, you can improve any PC's performance and security by disabling many of Windows XP's automatic settings, and by activating certain features that Microsoft leaves off by default.

Oompa-Loompa not everyone knows

Oompa-Loompa (also called OSX/Oomp-A or Leap.A) - both the original Trojan horse and two variants that have been found in the wild - pose some level of danger for Mac users. This document outlines the way this Trojan horse functions, how it transmits itself to other users, and how Mac users can protect themselves.

Founding partner, Internet Law Group

The war on spam is far from over, but there was a growing sense among the antispam crusaders gathered at MIT last week that advances on both the legal and technology fronts have turned the tide against the Viagra peddlers and Nigerian princesses. Nobody was claiming that spam will ever be completely eliminated, or even that the amount of spam is decreasing.

Tablets cure slow data headache

Media research company ACNielsen believes it is one of the first in its industry in the world to use tablet PCs to survey the newspaper and magazine reading habits of a nation.

Recovering blocked e-mail

A Toronto Internet service provider has launched a spam-filtering service that includes the option of having employees in India review a company's sequestered spam for false positives: wrongfully blocked e-mails.

New AltaVista software searches PCs

AltaVista Co.'s new Desktop Search software became available Monday, offering to help harried corporate users who are tired of wasting time combing through thousands of computer files and e-mails to find what they need.

IT security under the gun

In what is becoming an all-too-familiar scenario, IT security managers are feeling the pinch to stay ahead of the security spending curve during uncertain economic times and an onslaught of viruses and worms.

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