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Use of facial recognition in four B.C. Canadian Tire stores broke privacy law: Report

Retailers would have to go some way to legally justify the collection of biometrics from everyone who enters their premises, says BC privacy commissioner. Read why

Hashtag Trending Jan 5 – GPTZero to combat AI plagiarism; Age verification to access porn; Scalpers struggling to sell RTX4080 GPU

A student builds an app to detect essays written by ChatGPT, Louisiana law requires users to undergo age verification to access porn, and scalpers...

Parliamentary committee urges Ottawa to pause use of facial recognition

Ethics committee says neither the private sector nor police should use the technology until the government has created a legal framework

RCMP still interested in facial recognition software

Despite criticism that current facial recognition software is biased against people of colour, the RCMP is still interested in the technology, according to the...

Hashtag Trending July 26 – Australian companies stop use of facial recognition tech; U.S. social media laws; Intel and MediaTek agreement

Australian retailers stop the use of facial recognition technology, more American states are working on laws to control social media, and Intel announces that...

Canada should limit police use of facial recognition technology, say privacy commissioners

Use of facial recognition should be limited to serious crimes and identifying certain people at the border, says federal privacy commissioner

Three provincial privacy czars demand Clearview AI stop collecting images of residents

Decision may force a fight in Canada's Federal Court, with Clearview saying the order is beyond the powers of the privacy commissioners

Facial Recognition System Tested on London Train Station

International high-speed rail service Eurostar is testing new biometric facial recognition technology on passengers travelling from London's St Pancras International station to mainland Europe.

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