Articles Related to Edward Snowden

Tech companies are beyond government control, Edward Snowden tells Ontario college administrators

Whistleblower says tech companies really don't get informed consent to data gathering. Read why

Snowden says Trudeau afraid to kill anti-terrorism bill

Accuses prime minster of being afraid of being called soft on terrorism for not tossing out the Harper government law

Whistleblower Edward Snowden to keynote Toronto conference

The controversial ex-NSA employee will be making his address from Russia via videolink.

Leaked documents reveal Canada’s cyber warfare tools

Communications Security Establishment sought to be more aggressive in 2015, according to documents

Snowden warns of weak oversight of Canadian intelligence agencies

Canadian intelligence agencies have one of the weakest oversight frameworks in the Western world, says Edward Snowden

May 2014 in review: What’s really in that router?

The US National Security Agency reportedly has been opening routers and switches destined for certain customers and adding things

The man in the middle of Snowden’s NSA expose

Micah Lee had to teach Edward Snowden and journalist Glenn Greenwald a few things about anonymously communicating on the Internet

Think your corporate search engine is big? Look at the NSA’s

Called ICREACH, it can handle two to five billion new records every day, including more than 30 different kinds of metadata

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