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Hashtag Trending Dec.15- Dropbox’s new AI feature raises privacy concerns; Intel’s AI-enabled chip for PCs; X’s ad revenue continues to plunge

Dropbox communication slip up has users thinking their AI search may compromise their privacy, Intel launches its AI enabled chip for PCs. What might...

Dropbox AI offering sparks privacy concerns

Dropbox recently sparked concerns among its users with a new AI-powered search feature that shares data with OpenAI by default.

Hashtag Trending Apr.28th-Governments struggle to control AI, Mixed signals from the tech industry, Employee so productive with AI, takes up two jobs

Governments struggle to regulate AI, Mixed signals continue with regard to optimism or pessimism in tech spending and Artificial Intelligence is making some employees...

Hashtag Trending Feb.16- GitHub delivers AI assisted coding, Salesforce takes a hit as Twitter downsizes and Bing’s AI gets angry

GitHub delivers AI assisted coding, Salesforce takes a hit as Twitter downsizes and Bing’s Artificial Intelligence engine gets angry.    It’s Thursday, February 16th. These stories...

We’re going ‘hard’ after Dropbox and Box in the enterprise, says OpenText CEO

OpenText is taking a bigger leap into the cloud with the upcoming release of its Enterprise Information Management (EIM) suite.

Hashtag Trending – Facebook privacy backlash, Adobe Summit, Dropbox IPO

Even Elon Musk is jumping on the anti-Facebook bandwagon, Adobe prepares to host some A-listers for its Digital Marketing Summit, and a successful Dropbox IPO could inspire more startups to go public.

Hashtag Trending – Samsung’s next phones will double as radios, Dropbox files IPO

Samsung is turning its next phones into radios. Dropbox has quietly filed for an IPO. And today’s CES highlights include a bricklaying machine and...

Canadian firms: how can you ensure file sharing security as you scale?

If you haven't modernized your storage system yet, here's how to get started with some basic security principles in mind.

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