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Financial woes for Canadian telecom tech company DragonWave continue

A Canadian telecommunications company is in dire financial straits, and the situation is not looking up.

The Business Leadership Podcast: Greg Friesen, vice-president at DragonWave Inc.

Greg has 19 years experience in senior product management roles, network design, planning, and engineering, including his current role at DragonWave and previous roles at Nortel Networks, Innovance Networks, and Fundy Telecom.

DragonWave boosts long-haul wireless communications offering

Company claims it can 'push' data 30 per cent further than before on its microwave links, with a lot more bandwidth. Think of it as a really, really long Ethernet cable


Canadian maker of wireless Ethernet backhaul has scored big revenue from the U.S. carrier. However, because Clearnet is vague on its expansion plans for the next 12 months the stock market is punishing DragonWavern

DragonWave’s more powerful Ethernet backhaul system

Manufacturer says its upcoming Horizon Quantum radio can replace fibre for 4G networks. An industry analyst says its feature set could be appreciated by operators

Terry Matthews sounds off

The networking and communications entrepreneur complains Ottawa isn

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