Articles Related to device manufacturers

E-waste, tech’s big dirty secret

Few of us give a thought to the immense amount of resources needed to bring a gadget to life. It has been estimated that...

Alcatel-Lucent founds 4G industry group

The ng Connect Program aims to help vendors promote applications and content that can be delivered through Long Term Evolution wireless networking technology. Find out who has signed up

FCC supports conditional use of ‘white spaces’

FCC chair leans towards allowing carriers and other vendors to deploy devices on television spectrum known as white spaces

Datasweep, KPMG collaborate on supply chain

Datasweep Inc. and KPMG Consulting Inc. recently announced a partnership to deliver Web-based supply chain solutions to high-technology manufacturing companies.

IBM announces chips for Internet appliances

IBM Corp. has announced a new line of chips intended to support Internet appliances

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