Articles Related to data theft

Millions recover for free and extortion surpasses encryption: This Week in Ransomware – Sunday, August 7, 2022

As ransomware continues to grow as a threat, the continuing question is - should companies pay the ransom? One group has been actively trying...

No confirmation yet on claim that data on 1 billion Chinese are in stolen police databases

Cybersecurity experts still can't confirm the claims of a person selling what they say are databases of stolen information of 1 billion Chinese residents...

Stolen Canadian payment card info as cheap as fancy lattes

A new report from NordVPN found that stolen Canadian payment card information costs, on average, just C$6.50 on black markets, cheaper than some fancy...

Security trends in the healthcare industry

Change and expansion in the healthcare industry are moving faster than protection and security, and attacks are far outpacing defense. Making your healthcare organization...

The Panama Papers: What does this data breach mean for IT and cybersecurity?

The media does not seem to mind that the data is actually stolen property -- but should the IT community be concerned?

RawPOS malware checking in at a hotel near you

RawPOS malware has been victimizing casino and hotel guests in Canada, the United States, the Middle East, Latin America and Europe

‘Darkhotel’ ring spying on execs travelling abroad

Traveling business executives warned to take extra precautions when using hotel Wi-Fi networks

News organizations are top data theft targets: Report

Journalists and news organizations are "massively over-represented" among data theft targets, says report written by a Canadian security researcher and a Google software engineer

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