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Hashtag Trending Aug.21- Are scientists abandoning Twitter? Crypto miners create lobbying group to stave off carbon footprint criticisms; Microsoft Canada recommends a food bank...

Are scientists the next group to abandon Twitter? Crypto-currency miners build their own advocacy group to try to stave off criticism of their carbon...

People trade eyeball scan for crypto

People around the world are trading their eyeball scans for free cryptocurrency, in a project that has raised concerns among privacy campaigners and data regulators.

Polygon launches database to show crypto value

Polygon, an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution, has developed a database known as The Value Prop to show the value of crypto, and document how individuals are using blockchain-related services.

New report finds Canadian SMBs are open to new payment options

The 2023 Chase Payment Solutions State of Canadian Payments report reveals that merchants are open to adopting new payments options over the next year...

Bahamas police arrest former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried

The Bahamas police arrested former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried, according to the country’s attorney general, who added that the Bahamas had received formal notification from the U.S. of criminal charges against him.

CPPI, Canada’s largest pension fund pulls out of crypto investment

Following a series of high-profile crypto exchange collapses over the past year, CPP Investments, Canada’s largest pension fund, has given up on researching potential investment opportunities in cryptocurrencies.

FTX owes top creditors nearly $3.1 billion

According to a filing in a U.S. bankruptcy court on November 11, the collapsed cryptocurrency exchange, FTX, owes its 50 largest creditors nearly $3.1 billion.

Threat actors will exploit crypto winter for malicious activities

The ongoing crypto winter, a market cooling period in the crypto market, is no excuse for crypto marketers to lower their cybersecurity precautions for hackers who use an unsuspecting party’s computer and/or server illegally and unlawfully for crypto scams.

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