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Gartner’s Sinha provides strategic planning advice to group of key Ontario IT execs

A strategic planning discussion organized by Gartner earlier this month, targeted at senior IT managers in Ontario’s public sector, examined the best approach they...

Dear CIO, communicate the business value of IT

“What is the value of an exercise machine?” – Probably one of my favourite opening questions by Gartner analyst Richard Hunter, vice-president and Gartner...

Why IT staff need to be transparent with others

Transparent does not always mean ethical. We can be told about things that are not fair or right and then be given no choices. But transparency is definitely a good step toward enabling ethics.

Telework doesn’t affect leaders’ performance: Ivey

The report from the London, Ont.-based Richard Ivey School of Business found that transformational business leaders with good communication skills can lead just as effectively face-to-face as they can remotely. Find out what impact this finding could have on enterprise IT shops

Five reasons for a performance testing Centre of Excellence

Centralizing performance testing into a single function will leverage its presence and importance in the application development process. Why performance testers suffer from an image issue

Building the ethical enterprise

Finding the answers to an executive

On the road to CSO

Joyce Brocaglia, a founder and CEO of Alta Associates, an infosec recruiting company, answers readers' questions about CSO careers.

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