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Apple users warned to update their devices after University of Toronto researchers expose spyware

Last week, University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab discovered a vulnerability in iPhone devices being “actively exploited” to deliver NSO Group's Pegasus mercenary spyware, without...

Proposed privacy law lets personal data be ‘exploited’ by Canadian firms: Citizen Lab

Two reports from rights groups are the first attacks on the proposed updating of the federal-private sector law before it goes to a parliamentary committee

Proposed telecom cybersecurity law gives Canadian government too much secret power: Researcher

In June the federal government proposed changes to the Telecommunications Act that it says will force Canadian telecom providers to toughen cybersecurity. However, a researcher...

Apple patches zero-click vulnerability discovered by Canadian researchers

The University of Toronto's Citizen Lab found the vulnerability it says was used to implant the Pegasus spyware of NSO Group

Canadian group helps Microsoft identify vulnerabilities used in spyware

Ciitzen Lab alleges an Israeli company sells spyware to governments that target activists, academics and reporters

Canada doesn’t have a ‘Huawei problem’, says report, it has a 5G strategy problem

Adversaries already probe Canada's network infrastructure, the Citizen Lab report argues. So Canada needs a vendor-neutral approach to allowing any company to supply gear to telcos

Canada’s shift on strong encryption is ‘irresponsible’ says privacy group

A Canadian privacy watchdog this week said the federal government is wrong to change its policy by now urging technology companies to weaken encryption protection in products and services.

Citizen Lab rights researchers targeted in suspicious meetings

Canadian human rights group workers invited to meetings where they are asked if they hate Israel and anti-semitism

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