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Why isn’t the CISO in the C-suite?

Should a chief information security offices sit beside the CEO or report to the CIO? Here's some informed opinion

CIO Association of Canada expands to include security leaders

The CIO Association of Canada is expanding its membership to include security leaders.

The CISO of Bombardier on Target, Sony and the changing nature of risk

Edward Kiledjian says boards are beginning to take security more seriously, but he suggests companies will need a new breed of security specialists to protect data

Insider threats: Some telltale signs that could tip off CSOs and their teams

A behavioural psychologist discusses the emotional cues and characteristic traits that could help identify potential rogue employees before they do damage

Why Canada needs CSODigital, a new security community for IT leaders

Introducing a brand representing executives across the country charged with data protection and risk management, brought to you by IT World Canada and CanadianCIO

Mastercard vs. Nike is just the opening salvo in the fight for IT security talent

The credit card firm's former CISO is accused of illegally poaching staff in a lawsuit that shows an unfortunate consequence of recent data breaches

CISO role is gaining traction: Survey

A recent survey indicates that senior management is beginning to trust the CISO more

Conflicts between CISOs and CIOs have never looked so geeky

A slide deck shows that transforming the business while also protecting data can stir up trouble among IT executives

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