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Hashtag Trending Aug.29- Google to teach LLMs to be better at math; Bing AI adds support for Chrome; Tesla faces two lawsuits over fatalities

Google teaches math to large language models like ChatGPT, Tesla faces two trials over fatalities, Bing AI adds support for Chrome, and the four...

5 AI Browser Extensions You Can Use to Increase Your Productivity

An increasing number of AI-powered tools is now available as free browser extensions. We've been looking at some of these and selected some that...

Hashtag Trending Apr.18-Malicious software in fake ChatGPT app target Facebook users, Google releases emergency update, Tech workers offered their old jobs back at half...

Tech workers asked how’d you like your old job back at half pay and no benefits, Rumours abound that Samsung might dump Google’s Chrome...

Hashtag Trending Feb.24th- Google asks employees to share desks, Canada starts investigation against TikTok and AI-created images loses copyright

Google Cloud asks employees to share desks, Canada starts investigation into TikTok and AI-created images lose their copyright protection.   It’s Friday, February 24th. These stories...

Attacker pushes malicious Google Chrome extensions over ads

A malvertizing campaign is being used to promote Google Chrome extensions that can hijack search queries and insert affiliate links into websites.

85 per cent of Android users are concerned about their privacy

According to data collected by Kaspersky’s Privacy Checker website, 85 per cent of Android users are interested in understanding how to set up privacy settings on their device.

Attackers use malicious browser extension to steal from Chrome users

Volexity security experts have uncovered a malware campaign by a North Korean threat group identified as Kimsuky.

Google Chrome Extensions Can Be Fingerprinted For Online Tracking

A researcher has built a website that utilizes installed Google Chrome extensions to generate a fingerprint of the device that can be used to track the user online.

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