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Law needed requiring AI to be fair, accountable and transparent

In a discussion on how artificial intelligence is being used as an explanation to avoid accountability, and we explore how AI works and the somewhat complicated concerns we should have about its use.

Understanding current cybersecurity challenges in law: data sovereignty & cross-border data transfers (Article 1)

This article is the first in our new six-part series. Here, we will set the stage for our much more detailed future exploration of some of the current important issues relating to cybersecurity, and the law.

Understanding Canadian Cybersecurity Laws: refactored — our series in summary

In this article we revisit our previous nine articles, outlining the topics covered in each to provide a full picture of the scope of our series. This is our final article in the Understanding Canadian Cybersecurity Laws series.

Huawei’s Meng Wanzhou loses first challenge in extradition case

With files from Howard Solomon The British Columbia Supreme Court has ruled that the extradition process for Meng Wanzhou, Huawei chief financial officer and the...

Ontario judge orders videoconferencing for pre-trial testimony: ‘It’s 2020’

The need for courts to operate during the pandemic with technology in some cases outweighs the tradition of in-person testimony, says judge. Read why

Understanding Canadian cybersecurity laws: Privacy and access to information, the Acts (Article 2)

The Privacy Act and the Access to Information Act were both implemented by the Canadian federal government in 1985 and have acted as a starting point for more recent legislation and privacy laws.

Understanding Canadian cybersecurity laws: The foundations (Article 1)

Canadian cybersecurity and data protection legislation is governed by a specific set of statutes and common law rules which are gradually evolving as the world we live in continues to change at an ever more rapid pace

Germany shows how government should steer AI ethics

Germany just passed a law that Canada should have about automated driving and the ethics coded into AI.

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