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Digital transformation applications (Article 3)

What business applications offer significant benefits when implementing digital transformation? This article explores those application opportunities. The previous article in this series described systems and...

Digital transformation systems and data issues (Article 2)

What systems and data issues can digital transformation resolve or reduce? This article describes multiple issues that digital transformation can attack. In the previous article,...

Digital transformation benefits (Article 1)

A series of articles created to enhance your understanding of digital transformation.

Is data analytics adding business value for you?

Data analytics is receiving vast amounts of attention in the trade press, on many websites and at conferences. References are even spilling into the...

On the rise: Security as a business enabler

“When organizations say, ‘No, you can’t roll out that new technology,” security is acting as a disabler of the business.

Study: 80 per cent of businesses have at least one Mac

Yankee Group has released the results of its independent web-based survey, and the results suggest "significant, steady and sustained adoption of Mac and OS X Leopard in the enterprise

Companies to spend billions on social networking: IDC

A study released this week found the market for corporate social networking nearly tripled last year, as companies try to foster communication among employees, customers and partners. Find out what IT managers should keep in mind if they

Companies apply ROI to Web 2.0

A Forrester Research report looks at the metrics enterprises are using to evaluate the success -- or failure -- of their attempts to apply next-generation software. Do "soft" benefits count?

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