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Spyware legislation needs more work, according to experts

A bill before the U.S. Senate targeted at spyware needs some fine-tuning, with part of it seemingly allowing broadband providers and computer software and hardware vendors to scan users' computers without authorization, a couple of spyware experts said.

U.S. needs stronger broadband policy, according to study

Population density and the cost of broadband are some of the factors that contribute to U.S. residents lagging behind several other nations in buying high-speed Internet service, but the government can take some steps to improve the numbers, according to a report released last week.

All-you-can-eat broadband not so appetizing to some

All-you-can-eat broadband isn't all it's cracked up to be -- at least as far as some consumers are concerned. Disgruntled customer Kevin Peel has started an e-petition asking U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair to "insist that Ofcom and the Advertising Standards Authority stop broadband providers advertising 'unlimited' services that are, in fact, limited in the small print by undefined fair use policies".

Stevens, Stewart, song and dance over ‘Net of tubes’

Commentary is spreading across the Web after U.S. Senator Ted Stevens described the Internet as a "series of tubes" during a debate on net neutrality.

Alternate net neutrality proposals pushed

In an effort to advance the net neutrality debate in the U.S. Congress, two groups have offered their own proposals to prohibit broadband providers from discriminating against competing Internet content, while allowing providers to separate out part of their networks for specialized products.

Telco bill go ahead draws mixed reviews

A wide-ranging telecommunications reform bill approved by a US House committee late Wednesday will drive down cable TV prices and increase demand for broadband services, said supporters of the legislation.

Broadband providers say devices OK to attach

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and a group of broadband providers on Wednesday announced a set of principles that would allow consumers to attach devices to broadband video networks.n

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