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Project Prospects: Winning at the RFP game

This is a 5-minute read about the frustrations and inefficiencies of the usual procurement process. In previous posts, I have discussed the bid decision and...

Wireless auction Day 2: Maritimes get static

The second day of the wireless spectrum auction saw licence bids go up, as Ottawa wants. Bidders are betting first on the country's big cities, which one analyst thinks is why so far the Maritimes has been ignored

How the spectrum auction works

The May 27 auction for wireless spectrum has complicated rules designed to maximize money for Ottawa while ensuring there's no collusion among the bidders. Here's how the process will work

business development manager, Adobe Systems Canada

From paper to PDF, from cumbersome manual processes to streamlined automated ones

Operators cleared in Dutch 3G-collusion probe

The Dutch competition authority on Friday cleared two phone operators of suspicions of colluding during the country's auction of third-generation (3G) mobile phone licenses last July.

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