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Coffee Briefing Jun. 27 – Accenture, Microsoft expand partnership on generative AI; TELUS supports refugees with low cost internet; Digital Museums Canada invites museums,...

Coffee Briefings are timely deliveries of the latest ITWC headlines, interviews, and podcasts. Today’s Coffee Briefing is delivered by IT World Canada’s editorial team! Missed...

Stacey’s story: Pivoting from oil and gas to the tech sector

Life is what you make it, and nobody knows that better than Stacey McLennan-Waldal, a data scientist who currently works in PwC’s Calgary office...

Tech CEO on the employee experience and why it’s never too late to digitally transform

A big trend in digital transformation is on the customer experience side of things, but according to the CEO of Avanade, businesses and organizations have to remember the employee experience as well.

Tech CEO tackles digital ethics and its role in the development of AI & automation

As artificial intelligence and automation continues to develop, organizations all over the world are going to have to start thinking about digital ethics.

Tech CEO says consumerization of experiences coming to the workforce

As work becomes ever more mobile, how can businesses find the right balance between working remotely or in a physical space?

Avanade CEO on how businesses can tackle the skills gap and accrue talent

Every business dipping its toe into the digital age is worrying about the skills gap. So what can they do to tackle that gap and accrue talent?

Canadian firms set to adopt hybrid cloud services: Survey

C-level executives are 32 per cent more likely than IT leaders to advocate immediately moving to hybrid cloud environment

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