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Data Privacy Day: The 10 biggest privacy fines imposed (so far)

  For Data Privacy Week, here's a look at the ten largest privacy fines imposed as of Jan. 27, 2023. This list includes multinational household names...

Ashley Madison’s new security head seeks redemption

Company is building a leading information security and data privacy program to retain trust, infosec pros told

Cyber insurance: a growing industry now necessary for businesses

In a world where security breaches and cyber attacks have increased in recent years, businesses are looking for new ways to defend themselves. As a...

Ashley Madison operators deal avoids US$17.6 million fine for data breach

Instead owners of the dating site have agreed to immediately pay $1.6 million to U.S. and state governments

Zero trust: Data breach prevention is all about breaking the kill chain

While the FUD factor can help make the case for privileged access management, demonstrating how a breach will be dealt with can convince senior management PAM is worth the investment

Force Canadian organizations to have a CSO, says expert

It's time regulators demanded every firm have a chief security officer, conference told. Read why

Dell’s CSO on how to avoid following Ashley Madison’s CEO off the data breach plank

CSOs need to prepare their c-suite colleagues that data breaches are largely inevitable.

What the Ashley Madison breach means

On the surface, it seems like the hack has a superficial footprint, affecting only a relatively small group of people. But there are layers to the danger.

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